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Leibster Award

Posted on the 31 December 2012 by Accordingtoamber @sgwennu
I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Telina of Love, Telina. Thank you for the nomination, lovely & here are your answers! 

Leibster Award
In German, "liebster" means "dearest."  In order to be nominated for a Liebster, you need to have an up-and-coming blog of 200 followers or less. This award is a blogger-to-blogger award. Here are the rules for accepting the Liebster Award: - Write 5 things about yourself - Answer 11 questions posted by the nominating blogger. - Nominate 5 new up and coming bloggers - Ask those bloggers 11 questions that they will answer. Five Things About Me 1. I live in South Wales, UK. Yes, it rains alot and you can't drive a mile without spotting a sheep. 2. I work as a design researcher and social media manager for an international design company. 3. I have a young kitten called Guinness. He's a black&white ball of fluffy gorgeousness. 4. I love peanut butter, figs, avocado and brie cheese. 5. I love driving, but my biggest fear is busy city centre traffic.  My Answers1) What is your favorite beauty product?
In general, mascara - but my must-have product is Liz Earle's Cleanse&Polish.

2) Describe your style/fashion sense.

I aim for elegant, yet fun and a tad different. Whether or not I achieve that...

3) What are you looking forward to the most in 2013?

Moving in with my boyfriend and setting up house. 

4) Will you make any New Years resolutions? 

Certainly! You can find out what they are on the 1st January. :)

5) Do you have any favorite shops?

A little one in Carmarthen called Barafundle, which stocks Yumi, and Paperchase. 

6) Do you have any pets?

I've had many over the years, but currently it's just Guinness!

7) Mascara or Eyeliner? What's your favorite out of the two?

Oooh, a hard one. I guess Mascara, because you can always use that as eyeliner is you get stuck! 

8) Why did you start blogging?

I started reading Megan's Charade years ago and loved it, so naturally I wanted to have a go myself! I started several blogs before finding something that really suited me. 

9) Where would you love to travel to one day?

Japan has always been near the top of my list, but a short term goal is to visit Morocco. 

10) What is your favorite winter drink?

Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolates for sure. Completely obsessed!

11) What is your favorite season and why?

Autumn for sure. It's cool enough for tights to be acceptable, so I can cover up my silly pale skin (I don't tan) but sometimes warm enough for end of summer BBQs and sea swimming.

My Nominees 

Made - 365 Days of Made
Kareen - Ziba By Nature
Disa - The Active Spirit
Crystal - Seoul Sold
Nikkiana - Authentic Experience
My Questions
1. Where are you as you answer this?
2. Do you believe that laughter is the best medicine? 
3. What is the first thing you'd buy if you win the lottery?
4. If we snooped through your bedside table, what would we find?
5. What was the last book that you read?
6. Did you enjoy school/college?
7. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
8. If you could have anyone's life from a film or book, who would it be?
9. How much is that doggie in the window?
10. Do you have a favorite blog? Link me. :)
11. Will you still be blogging a year from now? 

Thank you! 

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