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Lesson: Report Problems ASAP

Posted on the 19 May 2012 by Hotelprops @hotelprops

Welcome to my first Rant of the new layout! ***Disclaimer – I will not disclose where I work, or the people’s names that are part of my rants, if I rant about you suck it up princess I’m just trying to get a rise outta ya!***

This morning I walk into work about 10 min early, being the good employee that I am. I get a quick heads up that a room was upset that we didn’t have dark enough blinds, and the sun was too bright. They were going to come to the desk to check out. Then the other employee went and hid in the back.Lesson: Report problems ASAP

So this large gentleman – easily 3 of me which isn’t a lot so to speak – comes to the desk clearly upset. Starts yelling at me cause I basically told him to suck it up to learn to sleep with the lights on. How can anyone sleep in this place its ridiculous. He is checking out now.

So I cut him off, and asked what room he was from. He tells me he is the guy from 111 that I just spoke to. I told him that I just walked in the door, and I have no idea what he is talking about. The guy doesn’t apologize for freaking out on me, no, what he does is goes on and tells me the whole story about how he can’y sleep cause the sun is too bright. I offered to move him to a room on the other side of the hotel. He said he already made new reservations at a different hotel.

Seriously, all he had to do when he came storming to the desk is start out with “Excuse me are you the guy I was talking to about the blinds?” I would then say no and 10 min of wasted time yelling at me for what ever he thought he was gonna get is completely wasted. I am not going to discount his room because he was too oblivious to the way the blinds worked when he checked in, or went to bed. If a dark room was so important, when he got here he should have said – do you have a room that has full dark blinds, and we would say no, and avoid the whole thing.

There is a lesson to be learned here. If you have an issue at a hotel, just let the customer service people know as soon as you see the issue. The earlier in your stay that something goes wrong, the more time they have to fix the problem!  Then we can all be friends and you can enjoy your vacation!Lesson: Report problems ASAP

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