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Let’s Talk About Love

Posted on the 12 December 2012 by Macnelliebus1 @macnelliebus

A couple of times I’ve asked a speaker I trust to speak on a topic of their choice at a Fresh Air event.  Each time they’ve wanted to talk about love and each time my heart has sunk a little when I heard the topic.

Why is that?  What could be more important?  Ah yes, that’s why.

We can treat it like a scarce resource, this love, and keep it close.  Share it openly only with our partner, in a bubble of two.  Or with our immediate family, if we are lucky.  With our close friends.  We can withhold and punish because we aren’t getting the love we need.  We can push it away when it’s offered so that next time, the offerer is more careful.

Isn’t open hearted loving what life is all about?  Isn’t love infinite?  How can we learn to give and receive love?  Like everything else, it’s about practicing and taking a risk.  And sometimes we need help with that.  I know I do.

Here’s to love.

Sam Chittenden will be talking to us about love in February.

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