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Let’s Use KakaoTalk!

Posted on the 22 November 2012 by Haramizuki @TekiGirl

Let’s Use KakaoTalk!

I know I should be posting this on my tech blog, but I’d just want to share this app here on my personal website.

Just like Viber, Whatsapp and ChatON, KakaoTalk is a free cross-platform messenger application that has various of awesome features, and has been rated as #1 free texting app by CNet.

Some of my favorite features are: very cute anicons (moving emoticons), themes (You can either make your own theme or download from   App store/in-app), walkie-talkie; Talking Tom, Talking Ben, and a few more voice call filters; group chat with unlimited number of friends, and games for KakaoTalk (play games with or against your KakaoTalk friends). Oh and this app has no ads!

I know many of you are already using Viber and Whatsapp to communicate with your friends, especially BlackBerry and iOS users. But you should give KakaoTalk a try. It will make chatting more lively and fun. ChatON has many anicons and all of them are free. But what set KakaoTalk apart from other messenger apps is the UI — and…overall features. ^^ I know male users prefer apps that are lightweight and simple — and they prefer using memes instead of anicons/emoticons. Haha. So it’s really hard to force them to use KakaoTalk. That’s why I’d like to encourage my online/blogger friends to use KakaoTalk — I know a lot of you like cute stuff.. or am I the only one?

It’s easy to register, just download and install the app (available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile) and register your mobile number. You’ll then receive a 4-digit confirmation code that you need to enter in the app to continue your registration. After which, the app will prompt to access your address book to search for friends already using KakaoTalk and add them in your KakaoTalk friends list.

Let’s Use KakaoTalk!

To add friends that are not in your address book, go to Find, press options and select whether ID Search (to enter username) or QR code (to scan QR barcode). And if you’d like to share your barcode, select QR code> on the lower bottom right, select My QR code, and choose either to share your barcode via other apps on your device or save it to gallery. The last icon is for creating a new QR code —  note that your existing QR code will be no longer in use.

Let’s Use KakaoTalk!

Moreover, you can add Plus friends that is currently available for Android and iOS users. You can add your favorite Korean band, singer and media as friend, and receive real-time updates from them (text, videos, and pictures).

Hooray! Now you have KakaoTalk installed! My username is maranthea(only add me if you’re a blogger or if I know you personally). I hope you can add me in your KakaoTalk friends list. ^^~  You can download KakaoTalk themes for iOS and Android.

Download KakaoTalk:

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