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Let the Flower Bloom

Posted on the 18 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

We may have the best and the most exotic flower plants in our backyard.  But the true pride and experience of having such exotic flower plants is realized not in the plant.  It is the full blossomed flower which gives us true delight and pride.  At times it may not emit any fragrance.  Still it  would make us enthralled with its beautiful and full blown body and petals.  Similarly, as a human being we may be holding the best of human traits.  However, if the same traits are not exposed and applied in the hour of need to help others or to benefit others we may not get true recognition.  For example I may be holding the best of the knowledge in a given faculty of science and art.  The beauty and purpose of my knowledge will have relevance only when I exhibit and share it humbly among relevant audience. I referred here the thorns that surround certain flowers.  Thorns around flowers are a distraction to fully experience them.  Similarly, having beneficial knowledge with us if we behave unreachable to people through our arrogance or selfishness the true purpose of knowledge is defeated.

My scribblings below try to portray the same.

Let the flower bloom

Let the Flower Bloom

The joy of flower is experienced in full bloom
The purpose of flower is enhanced with its sweet fragrance
The power of flower is reminded through the lingering fragrance
The beauty of flower is never enticing when thorns surround it all over
The glimpse of flower should be soul touching even through its reflection
The truth of flower is more meaningful when it is omnipresent
Let the flower in us bloom right
Let the power in us spread its wings
Let the truth of our self inspire the environs

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