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Lewis' Law

Posted on the 29 October 2013 by Luciferguson @Luciferguson
Lewis' Law is taken from journalist Helen Law's theory that "the comments on any article about feminism, justify feminism". It only takes a short trip to do the bottom half of the internet to see where she is coming from. There are a lot of articles, blog posts or videos that touch upon feminism that are then followed by comments suggesting the women concerned return to the kitchen or that they are better suited to child rearing than whatever they are doing.
And so with this in mind I have created a found poem to help demonstrate Lewis' Law and the sexism that is present on that dark side of the internet otherwise known as the comments section. I have scrolled through many websites, posts and comments and pulled together some of the most spectacular phrases that real people have deemed appropriate and suitable for broadcast. And this is without venturing into the more abusive and threatening comments that may female writers face online.
(And for a little more on the matter at hand I recommend this article.)
Lewis' Law.
What's so good about feminism?
Their constant whining and
masculine appearances.
A real woman, REAL woman,
should be trained in childcare.
And a real woman cooks.
Call me old fashioned, I think women
themselves are to blame,
demanding preferential treatment, blaming men
for everything. 100% garbage. Another non-issue.
But wait...where are the tits?
Teach all the young girls to cook. Have them trained
at school in domesticity.
WIFE stands for Washes Irons Folds Etc,
it's hilarious people are offended by this sort of thing.
Feminists are nutty as a hazelnut cake
with extra nuts on. But you can't have
your feminist cake and eat it. They're all
about whinging. I like my women
how I like my steaks. Thick and submissive.
Oh stop being offended by petty jokes and enjoy your cats.

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