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Life is a Beautiful Journey

Posted on the 19 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

Happiness through self discovery beyond mind calculations.  The world is full of hypocrisy.  I read somewhere that one common thing in this world is that all the human beings are imperfect.  A wonderful saying indeed.  We have haves and have nots both living in this world unmindful of each others lifestyle, each others problems, each others role in the society.  The affluent obviously are immersed in the activities of enhancing their wealth.  The poorer lot are largely engaged in ignorance.  The ignorance is that they would not like to receive humble education and progressive competency to join the main stream life.  They are OK with that day’s drudgery, enjoyment in their own way, and their regular in fights in a more natural way.

Human sufferings are mostly not related to money.  They are majorly emanated from the perceptional thinking, imaginations, mind calculations and absence of proper goal in life to get themselves engaged in a productive activity.  The free time makes them work on the mind calculations and thus unhappiness exudes from somewhere in the mind.

The best way to derive happiness in life is spiritual path.  The path which will discipline life.  The path which will meet the God.  Here the path is self discovery and realization crossing beyond mind and heart.  The destination of the path is ‘self’ [atman].  The God is also ‘self’.  Thus true realization of self through some sadhana like Yoga or prayers would reveal one’s reality.  That is where true happiness lies.  You may see the flower below and the radiant Sun above.  Both are so vividly effusing light and power.  Self is same.  Self is blemishless.  Self is shining.  Self is powerful.  Self is pure.  Self is immune to worldly things.  Self is the God.  We the human beings are inviting greed and sorrow ignoring the self and invoking the actions suggested by mind.

The poem below is a depiction of a person who went through such states of life and who realized the God.

self realization beautiful journey

A Beautiful Journey

Life is a beautiful journey for many people
It is a wandering for several like me
Who lost the destination, who lost the vigor
Who has been left alone in the bogey called isolation
It has been a perpetual journey sans destination
It has been gloomy, monotonous, dreary and soul destroying
The journey made aspirations die, the journey made inspirations fade
I broke journey many a times, lost into the wilderness boarded back into isolation
There came a day that brought a beautiful traveler
The traveler called The God
The God who defined new destination
The God who created new purpose to make new journeys
The God who showed his benevolence to accompany me
My bogey suddenly glowed with full life, and happy reverberations
The time came that I never wanted to alight
I want the journey unending, perpetual lasting till my last breath
No I never want my breath stop
I want to breath eternal to make an eternal cruise with my God

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