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Posted on the 22 October 2011 by Tracyrosen @tracyrosen

The phone rang at 9pm last night. I was in bed, texting with my agent (awesome agent. Roselyne Groleau Parker. If you need an agent, she’ll work her butt off for you!), about the fact that yes, indeed, I was about to be served notice that I had 72 hours to either prove financing for the home I want to buy without the condition that my present home sells first or walk away from it.

So it wasn’t a surprise to hear the phone ring and then to get the message from the telegram service that the 72 hour clause was being invoked as of 9pm Friday.

Pretty jerky if you ask me. To present proof of financing at 9pm on a Friday so that most of my 72 hours happens over a weekend, when the banks (at least for these kinds of purposes) are generally closed. In my mind bad karma was invoked at the same time.

So now I need to decide if I want to gamble on my house potentially not selling by the Dec. 7 closing date. Which would result in the carrying of two mortgages as of 3 days later. Not so much fun. I am pretty much an eternal optimist though and my heart tugs in the direction of – it will sell. And if it doesn’t, it’s only money, right? :)

I do love this new house. I loved that it had a great inspection. The house has good bones. I also love that it is a house that we can continue to grow into. As my dad said last night – yin and yang: the house in Hudson I loved because it was small, this one because it is big. Maybe that’s part of the optimist in me – I see the good in each situation! With this house I also love the covered porch that runs the whole front of the house, the country village setting, the floor plan that allows for an easy division of space between me & Jack and my dogs. I don’t always want Jacob licking Jack’s face and smelling his bum as he crawls around. Mostly it has great bones. I could always find a house with plenty of rooms but one of this vintage that has been lovingly cared for and as such is still in such great shape? And is still in the country yet only 20 minutes from my family and friends?

This is what I am thinking about as my 72 hours slowly winds down to 9pm Monday night.

Luckily I also have plenty of other things to think about to keep my brain from exploding (or to facilitate the matter, take your pick :)) As soon as I complete this post I will be scrubbing my house and making it shiny since my real estate agent on this side of the border, Vicki Vanderveen (a very personable, level headed agent, if you are looking for someone in the Lancaster area), will be bringing in two separate visits today! Woohoo! Correcting and planning – including how to address a 16 year-old’s speech issues in a way that is not embarrassing for him – for the week to come will take up much of tomorrow. And of course there is Jack who takes up a little of my time and mind space :) Come to think of it, I’m surprised he hasn’t made any noise yet this morning. It is 6:20 and my brain will not be the only thing to explode if he doesn’t eat very soon! I think I may even have to wake him up. Did you know he turned 9 months old yesterday? What a big boy!

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