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Life is Weird

Posted on the 23 April 2012 by Unforgettable

Its wierd...when you have the answers,
But no questions are asked!
You wait patiently, hoping they will be thrown at you,
But time has passed and your answers have left
even bigger questions in your head...
Its wierd...when you are crying your heart out,
And when asked why- you dont kno!
Yes, something went wrong,
But you cant get what it was
But then, you know that this is all you want to do...
Just cry...
Its wierd...when you are so angry,
That smiling is the last thing you can do!
Yet, thats exactly what is expected of you...
And you are smiling; youn want to lash out at everyone around you!
But you just smile and tap them on their back...
Its wierd...when you are desperate to forget something,
But people around you keep talking about it!
You walk out of the room,
You close your eyes...and its there,
In your thoughts again!
You want to scream, but how can you?
People dont know what is eating you from within!
Do they care?
Its wierd...when you ask someone what life is,
And all you get is silence!
We might be living this life everyday...
But no one seems to know all about it!
Isnt that wierd?
Yes, Life is Wierd!!

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