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Life Over Money

Posted on the 18 May 2013 by Sameuniqueness
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It was WuTang that said, "Cash rules everything around me". But should it?
Many of the best moments of life money cannot buy. A proud smile from your parents letting you know you finally got it right. The unexpected hug from a child just because they love you oh so much before they run back off to play again. The sense of wholeness you feel when you're alone watching the sunrise in complete silence while welcoming a new day of possibilities. The deep belly laugh that explodes from you when you fall on your butt while trying to learn a new dance/a new sport/walking. Kisses. Joking with friends. Being there for people and having them be there for you in return. Living life.
Sure money can make things easier to obtain. But money should not determine whether you have a great life or not. Your life can be great without money. Your life can also be miserable with money. Money does not get to decide the quality of your life-- you do! So make your life priceless and enjoy!

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