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Links & Drinks: Fun Nail Decals, Pinterest Finds, and How to Get Along with People

Posted on the 18 January 2013 by Laureneverafter @laureneverafter


Hi all! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! We thought we might get some snow in South Carolina last night, but that was a bust. However, I actually had to put all of my effort (as much as could be exerted in the morning standing in the freezing cold, anyway) into opening my car door this morning as the whole thing was encased in ice. If it’s going to be so cold, I’d at least like some snow, you know? But, alas, the links!

So, these I’ve already decided I’m going to buy them as a gift for a family member. I think she will just love them and they just look so much like her, I can’t wait until her birthday this summer so I can watch her open them!


What a way to get this baby’s immune system going than by having a butt-licking dog kiss him in the face?! (Still real cute, though.)


Over the years, I’ve learned that I am a sucker for frilly, girly clothes. I just am. There are times when I want to buy clothes that would make me feel like a Kate Beckett or Jane Rizzoli badass, but mostly I’m attracted to the floral-y, wispy clothes.


So, if I haven’t told you before, my favorite magazine is Real Simple. They always have amazing stories and informative articles with amazingly easy-to-prepare food recipes. This past week while reading through their magazine and newsletter, I came across an interesting article on food labels and how to get along better with people. As I thought, the main objective is just to kill them with kindness.

And, how bad do I wish I could be slumming it at the beach right now with a cute sun hat and a good book? Badly! The nice, sunny weather this past week spoiled me and made me long for warmer weather and ocean waves! I know this picture is all about the terry cloth pillows (which are cute, mind you), but I’m mesmerized by the idea of the beach right now. Excuse me while I zen out on daydreams.


Lastly, I’m thinking of changing up the schedule on my blog, so you will probably see that going into effect either next week or the week after. I hope y’all have a splendid Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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