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Posted on the 15 March 2013 by Karaevs @KaraEvs

Oh hey, blog. Long time no see. Not that I have a good excuse for my absence. Moving on …

- WTF, Google Reader? I’m pretty sure the rest of you Reader users were just as shocked to get a nice little message from Google stating that Reader will be discontinued as of July 1, 2013. I’m a pretty sad panda about this, but have already switched over to Feedly. I’m not quite used to the layout yet, but at least it’s somewhat similar to Reader. Ugh.

- Our weather has been ridiculous, but there the snow has finally melted enough in front of my house so we can actually have people park on the street instead of in snowbanks. I should probably mention that we live on the “shady” side of the street, so we get barely any sunlight in front of our house during the day. Anyway, since we can take advantage of parking on the street in front of our house, I’m going to say that spring is here.

- Speaking of spring, I’m loving the warmer weather we’ve been having lately! Kyle’s been busy weather proofing my new-to-me Adirondack chairs (courtesy of my mom) and I can’t wait to sit on our deck and soak in the sun. Annnnd I’ve been getting more walking time in with Isla in her stroller for some much needed fresh air.

- A couple weeks ago my mom’s cat snuck outside while no one was watching. He’s an indoor cat. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been seen since, except for a couple of not-so-promising piles of Mickey-coloured fur. Poor guy. He was a moody cat, but he sure was handsome. I’ll miss him, even though I’m allergic.

- I qualify for a new phone, which is exciting because I want to throw my current one off of a bridge. Which one am I going with? Well, not the iPhone 5. I’m going with either the Galaxy S3 or the new S4. I just can’t decide!! I’ll have to wait and see what the price of the new S4 is going to be, because chances are, once it comes out at the end of April, the S3 is going to be el-cheapo.

- I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but my mom, Isla and I are heading to Vancouver for a weekend at the end of April. Shopping? YES! Ya’ll have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this trip. I neeeeeeed it. I have some serious cabin fever from being on maternity leave.

- Weaning is a pain in the ass. Seriously. Hating the process, but I want it done.

- Yesterday was apparently “Pi Day” and I had no idea why people were saying that. But, I get it now. March (3rd month) 14th. 3.14. Pi. Not pie. Mmmm … pie …

That’s all I got. Please tell me that you’re life is more exciting than my own.

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