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Posted on the 12 April 2013 by Karaevs @KaraEvs

- I miss two-stepping and honky tonk. How hillbilly does that make me sound right now? But seriously – The only bar/dance club in town is a country-inspired bar and early in the evening the DJ plays country music. Being from a tiny rodeo town, I love me some country music, and I miss dancing to country music! One day, when Isla is old enough to be left home with a babysitter/her daddy/the dogs/a stranger babysitter, I’m going to go dance my face off. Even if I’m 100 years old.

- I’m loving The Voice blind auditions! I’ve never actually gotten into the actual show after the auditions were over, but I’m thinking with all the spare time I have on my hands these days I may just break that habit.

- Weening is a bitch, yo. My boobs are confused. Time for cabbage therapy. Moms will get this. Others will think I’m crazy.

- You know what’s in need on a dictionary? Words With Friends. I’m more than certain someone in the app’s programming department was half asleep while compiling its dictionary, because some people I’m playing against are throwing down words that would NEVER fly in a game of Scrabble. Also? The random throwing down of tiles on the board and hoping that WWF confirms that the combo is a word.  ”WEOASID … Send move to Steve?” Ugh.

- Yesterday when I woke up (around 7am) it was snowing like a mutha-trucka outside. WHAT? And then, about an hour later, it was sunny and happy and I’m certain Kyle thought I was lying when I told him it was snowing. So, to show Mother Nature who’s boss, my summer tires got put on my car. Let’s just hope it stays nice, because I’m really not wanting to drive to Vancouver through the mountain pass in the snow.

- My mom’s birthday is tomorrow, so Happy Birthday, Mommy!


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