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Posted on the 02 August 2013 by Karaevs @KaraEvs

- I have a 13-month-old. What? It seems like her birthday was just the other day. Where did the time go? How is it already August? I don’t even know. I decided that I’m no longer going to do monthly Isla updates and photos. Not that she isn’t growing and doing new things every day, because she is. For instance, she has 5 teeth now and is cutting two more at this moment. I feel bad for her mouth. She’s also not walking yet, but that’s OK. I can’t seem to keep up with Hurricane Isla, so her walking only spells more trouble for me!

- I have started watching season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. Goodbye, productivity. Hello lost years of television!

- I took a drive to check out the Chinese cemetery in Kamloops. It’s in an odd location but the area is really interesting. I didn’t get a shot of the tombstones, but there’s rows and rows of them up a little hill to the right of the entrance. It’s sad to see that it’s in such rough shape though.

Listy FridayListy FridayListy FridayListy Friday

- We’ve had a little “break” from the heat wave lately. It’s been a nice 30°C instead of the 40°C we’ve been having. Seriously. Except the wasps also seem to like the “cooler” weather, because they’re out with a vengeance. I had grand plans of setting up a little splash play time with Isla on the lawn, but the wasps were so bad that we had to relocate onto the deck. It was hotter up there, but Isla still had fun.


- While I’m sad that summer is already 1/2 over, it also means that there are wicked sales going on right now! I’ve been wanted to buy a new swimsuit top for a while now since my post-pregnancy/post-nursing boobs are too small for my old swim tops. I picked up a $40 top for $10 after the sale price, extra discount and gift card I had. Woo! It’s a beautiful yellow and matched wonderfully with my black bottoms.

Listy Friday

Via le Vie en Rose

- I’m still trying to decide what I want to do with my life, other than be a mom. I still miss working, but I love staying at home and raising Isla. Ugh. Really, I need the perfect work-from-home job that isn’t selling Tupperware or being phone sex chat girl. 

I’m a pretty boring person these days, so please, entertain me with something fabulous you’ve been up to!

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