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Listy Friday

Posted on the 31 January 2014 by Karaevs @KaraEvs

- Isla has swimming lessons twice a week at the city-owned tournament center. While I can’t stand public pools, I go because it’s good for Isla to get used to a water and she likes hanging out with the other kids her age in the pool. What adds to my dislike for pools is the way people act at this facility. To start, parking is a nightmare. You literally have to stalk someone who’s leaving and wait for them to leave to find a parking spot some days. The way people drive through the parking lot is also sketchy sometimes. On Tuesday, a man was driving the wrong way down a one-way parking “ally” and I mouthed “Wrong way” and pointed the correct direction to him. He rolled down the window, I’m assuming to talk to me, but his wife (who was in the passenger seat) yelled at me, “F-YOU! HE KNOWS IT’S A ONE WAY!” He just told her to relax and proceeded to drive away and turn around so he was the right way. So that was lovely. Then, after Isla’s lessons were over we were going into a change room and the floor was disgusting: hair and dirt everywhere and a FAKE FINGERNAIL was just chilling out on the floor. If my stuff wasn’t falling all over the place I would’ve switched rooms, but that was just gross.

- One final gripe about going to the pool: There are two banks of family change rooms with signs stating, “Priority goes to parents with young children” posted outside of each change room. For whatever reason, the elderly like to use these rooms as well. It doesn’t bother me so much when they walk out of the change rooms since they may have not been anyone waiting. It’s when they go into a room ahead of parents with young children. This happened to me last week and it seriously aggravated me! I should have said something to the woman but she had already shut the door – I was too shocked to get the words out in time. Oh well.

- To bust out of the fury that I experience everytime I go to the pool, here’s a cute photo of Isla playing with Playdoh. She loves this stuff, and amazingly, has only tried to eat it once.


- Onto a happier note, my laundry room is finally back to normal! Kyle and I finished putting up some new pieces of trim (which were destroyed by Campbell during the first and only time we locked him in the room while we were out of the house – always, ALWAYS use a crate!) and I painted it and did touch ups on Sunday. I’m so happy to have it all looking normal again, after having it in shambles for nearly 9 months. Our next project? Repainting our bedroom!

- My cellphone was away for 4 weeks getting repaired and in the meantime, I was using my older smartphone. It was slow and cranky, and it did its job, but I was SO happy when I got a call on Wednesday stating that my Galaxy S4 was fixed and ready to be picked up!

- Last week I finished reading The Rosie Project (review here) and so this week, I started reading The Husband’s Secret. Funny fact: They are both set in Australia. That is all.

- I am seriously falling in love with yoga. Last night’s class was full of balance and strength poses, and even though I tend to be a little wobbly, I can’t get enough of them. My favorite right now? Dolphin pose to headstand. It’s going to happen. I’m going to make it happen! I can’t even remember the last time I did a headstand, so it should be a fun and challenging venture!

Listy Friday

I will do this one day.

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- I’ll leave you with this heart warming and tear jerking video by the Wake County SPCA: Puppies, kittens, bunnies … what more you you ask for??

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