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Little Moments: A Peek into Vancity

Posted on the 08 August 2013 by Stylevancity
I was getting ready to head on a bus Downtown to go shopping on a laid back, dog day of summer. The sun was beaming and the weather was hot so I thought I'd go out to check on some sales. But on my way I just stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. I had no sense or urgency (for once) and my peripherals (yelling "just stop!") had finally won. 
I told myself to appreciate what was around me and just take a moment or a minute to truly feel what its like to live in a beautiful city like Vancouver. When I'm in a hurry I don't pause but merely take for granted the clean air, the greenery and the space. So I thought I'd take a break today and instead post this as a reminder to just take a minute out of that 24 hour day of yours to pause, look and appreciate  what's around you. 
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Little Moments: A Peek into Vancity
Little Moments: A Peek into Vancity
What was your little moment today? :)

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