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Logan: Seven Months Old

Posted on the 12 February 2016 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
Logan: Seven Months Old
Dear my beautiful little Logan, 
I'm a little late with this my baby, I'm sorry. Life's just been quite manic, especially with preparing for our exciting Disney World holiday! You've grown so much, I find it hard to believe that you are 7 and half months old already. We've had such fun in those 7 months, but it's also been at times quite tough. Mainly in that Mummy and Daddy have you, then your big brother who's just two and a half years old and then we also have our jobs. It can be quite tough balancing it all. And when you're older, you'll know that having a baby under one is in itself is quite a challenge at times. 
You're such a sweetheart Logan. You have the most amazing smile and giggle. You are really starting to show personality. I love watching you learn new things, like grabbing things with your tiny hand. You show such adoration for your big brother, we notice you looking at him smiling, trying to get his attention and watching him with such an interest. You love when he plays with your or near you. I feel so grateful that you two are going to get to grow up together. I know Ethan feels the same about you. 
You're a social baby and you love being around people. You love being held. You are generally quite happy, but you seem to have almost a little temper when you get tired and at times it's hard to know what to do, because you don't actually like falling asleep. You sleep through the night which we're so grateful for. But nap times you can get yourself in to a bit of state about, not every single time, but quite a lot of the time. You'll shake your head to wake yourself up and quite literally can scream the house down for over an hour just because you're so tired. It's hard to know if this is also teething related. As you can't tell us, it's just about eliminating things until you eventually fall asleep or are happy again. You're very particular about how and where you fall asleep. But I promise you, you're not really missing anything special when you do nap! ;) 
You like going to Baby Sensory once a week, you enjoy seeing the other babies, hearing the songs and being social. You like watching a bit of Baby TV whilst sitting up on the rug playing with your toys. You're sitting really well now, but we still have cushions around you for when you do the occasional fall. You eat really well - you love your food and always have! You blow raspberries a lot and always make a 'Dada' sound. Your laugh is infectious and you like being tickled! You love bath time and splash around by kicking your feet, which encourages your brother to do it too! The bathroom is always soaked! You like me singing to you, Adele's Hello is your favorite song! 
Logan there are no words to describe how proud I am to be Mum to you and your brother. You're both such beautiful, happy, wonderful children that make me feel almost too lucky. I love you with all of my heart little one. xxxxx
Logan: Seven Months OldLogan: Seven Months OldLogan: Seven Months OldLogan: Seven Months OldLogan: Seven Months OldLogan: Seven Months OldLogan: Seven Months OldLogan: Seven Months OldLogan: Seven Months OldLogan: Seven Months OldLogan: Seven Months Old
Logan: Seven Months Old
Logan: Seven Months 

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