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LOL, LMAO, GNR, LLS, and Others.

Posted on the 27 April 2013 by Sameuniqueness

LOL, LMAO, GNR, LLS, and others. Source of Image: DaWanda Products with Love
Disclaimer: In order to explain some of these abbreviations honestly, certain language has to be used that some parents and some adults will not find appropriate. With that said, do not read any further if you are offended by certain language-- You have been warned.
Whether it's our Facebook status of the day or a mere text response to our friends' text, we love to let other people know that not only are we laughing but how we're laughing using these wonderful abbreviations. Let's talk about some favorites...
LOL, or lauging out loud, is classic and is a personal favorite. Pretty much everyone seems to know what it means and it gets the message across very simply that you found something to be funny. It's the abbreviation that started all the rest of the laughing abbreviations.

LMAO, or laughing my ass off, is another favorite of many. Just like LOL, it lets other people know just how funny something was to you-- and that is so funny that your butt fell off. Now, who knows when booty became detachable but apparently laughing can cause it to fall off. Then for those who want to express the same sentiment but don't want to use a dirty word like ass, then LMBO, or laughing my butt off, was made just for you.
GNR, or gotta n-word rolling, is used among black people to express... wait for it... that they found something to be very amusing. Like other things that involves black people and the n-word, it is for black people to use only. However, GBR, or gotta bitch rolling, is for any female to use regardless of race who finds something to be funny and feels the need to express herself as a bitch that laughs. To each his or her own.
LLS, or laughing like shit, is an interesting one. For starters, who knew shit laughs?! Bathroom time must be a comedy stand up after some tacos. However, people seem to love to use this one as well as LLAMF, or laughing like a motherfucker. But if someone was doing my mom, I would not be laughing. There are so many "laughing likes" out there, that's why it was decided to just say LL(fill in the blank).
ROFL, or rolling on the floor laughing, means that whatever was the person saw, read, or saying is so funny that their laughter has caused them to drop and roll around-- we imagine while holding their stomach because the laughter is just that intense.
The funny thing is most people who use these abbreviations never even laughed about the thing they are saying they are laughing about. No one lost their butt from laughter; and please, if you know what shit sounds like when it laughs please share because it's never been heard so far. Yet we'll continue to use these abbreviations because what faster way to let others know how funny you think something is-- even if you didn't actually LOL.

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