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Long Weekends and Little Black Dresses…

Posted on the 03 September 2017 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

Well, it’s the long weekend! I had big plans for the weekend. My best friend Lori and I were going to roadtrip it to the River city for the weekend, but unfortunately all of my friends have lives and were out of town or busy for the last weekend of summer. Go figure. So we bailed.

Which in the long run was a good thing, as this plague that has a hold of me hasn’t quite finished with me yet. I am now on the headache stage of it all. Fun. Not.

We had a trip to Vancouver planned for yesterday instead, but alas…I bailed on that at 6 yesterday morning. Just couldn’t face the city with a migraine I wasn’t sure was going to die.

It did indeed die. So we made alternative plans to shop on the coast, the problem with Lori and I shopping on the coast is that it usually involves second hand stores.

My name is Donna Holland and I have an addiction to shirts and jeans.

I mean seriously. How the fuck am I ever going to wear all those shirts? The ones on the bed are the ones I am taking back. My thinning needs work. Even my cat is shaking her head.

Long weekends and little black dresses…

I am also taking in about 10 pairs of jeans that will never in the history of ever fit my cute 52 year old ass again. I am tired of feeling bad because I can’t get into them any more. Why the actual hell I torture myself is beyond me. I have decided it is over.

I don’t really have body issues. I am pretty lucky to be active and healthy, but the truth is when we age, we can’t have the body we had even 10 years ago, never mind when we were 30. Okay, I might not be quite over that…but I have decided that I need to dress for what I have now, what what I want or think it might be if I join the gym or walk 10km farther a day. Because it just makes me feel bad. And screw that…

A smart man recently told me that I need to stop being so hard on myself and my body. And that the ass I don’t want to look at in the mirror is indeed enjoyable to an also nearly 50 year old him…I appreciated that advice. I made me realize that men aren’t nearly as hard on us as we are on ourselves. They just want you naked in their beds…they don’t give a shit about your muffin top or the cellulite on your ass.

I know I feel that way if there is a naked man in my bed as well, which I am going to say doesn’t happen nearly as often as I would like it to. But that is a different post altogether…

I also bought two dresses yesterday…

Anyone who knows me is like…what?

I mean you see the tshirts, and the two drawers of jeans…ya. That is who I am. Not dress girl. I have no idea why I have such a hard time being girlie, but I do. The thing is, I have this incredible job now, and we have a big Christmas party. And there needs to be a dress. Well I figured I better start looking for one now. And holy crap…I found two. One is more of a summer dress…there have been suggestions that summer dresses are sexy. Who knew…I stepped out of the comfort zone a little. We will see if I ever wear it…though even I think it is pretty sweet.

And the party dress…I now for the first time in my life, have a little black dress, that fits me like it was made for me.

I was going to post pics of the dress, but taking a selfie of your whole body is hard…and if you see me walking around in a dress it will have more impact if you haven’t ever witnessed it before.

So if you need some tshirts or jeans, there is going to be a really good selection coming in the end of next week.

And hopefully I can make more room in my closet for the winter clothes. Pretty sure the shopping addiction isn’t going to power down much…

Have a great rest of your weekend peeps!

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