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Longer Battery Life And Healthy Life Are Always On The Wish List

Posted on the 23 September 2017 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Few areas of technologies where research never stops are either about the age of human or batteries. We keep striving for finding alternative ways in life sciences to prolong healthy life and antiageing of body cells. Similarly when it comes to batteries, we always aspire to have longer battery life and lesser number of recharges. Obviously, if battery life is longer there will be less recharges. But then every recharge is also becoming a pain whether it is mobile or car. Can we develop a technology that recharge of a battery happens on its own without any effort? It could be through air, light, or a contact. If this happens you needn’t bother about extending the battery life. Let us see what is there in store for us in future.

Longer Battery Life And Healthy Life Are Always On The Wish ListPhoto credit: Takashi(aes256) via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-SA

With the incresing engagement in online activities, obviously drenching batteries of mobile devices and charging them is a worry point. In fact, today the first point to know about a new mobile device before buying it is its battery life. Once this satisfies us only then we look at other properties of the device like resolution, camera, etc. In a way, processor, RAM, and battery have become three primary points of concern while purchasing a new device. Another concern is overcharging that unecessarily heats up the batteries and impacts other parts of the device. It also shortens the overall life of the batteries and device. In fact, now a days, whenever we go to a restaurant, my first hunt is for a seat havinga power socket around.

Battery Life Of Mobile Device is a major concern

Howsoever fast is your battery charger, it starts appearing slow after some usages. That is obviously psychological. In the same way, a new smartphone functions quite fast in the beginning while loading an app or performing. But gradually you feel like the device is getting lethargic and damn slow. That could be due to more downloads, more buffer, and more number of apps running. Our expectations from a device in this regard is like a newborn child. As the child grows, the performance increases. But that is not the cae in terms of devices. It is rather reverse.

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