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Posted on the 19 July 2012 by Eternalmusing @HanaMuses
(Authors note: This poem has been echoing through my mind for about two years, when my grandmother passed away. Yesterday it consumed my thoughts completely, so I sat down and wrote it.)
Their whispers burbled like stream
Reading the hallowed words of the Book
Invoking a peace within my heart
Washing away the contentment of my soul
But still...
A sadness gripped me,
Shattered my being
Grief pulled on the strings that embraced the very essence of depression
It was not in my control
The rippling of their whispers continued and I couldn't help but think
Part of life and love, is loss and a supplement of suffering
A perpetual pondering of past and present
Pinned into our fabric of life
Losing a loved one is a tough, hard journey of coping
One must know, though, that life
Although harsh at times
Will always give you a sweet memory, and an even sweeter feeling
A soft glow in your heart
A lingering scent
The slightest figment of a dream
The final ease of the goes on
She will always be there, reverberating in my heart.

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