Louboutin Shades (of Your Feet)

Posted on the 27 October 2013 by Casual Martini @CasualMartini
You know what they say: wear nude heels and your legs will appear longer. But everyone has different skin tone and finding the right shade of the shoe is annoying (I guess).
Fear not my ladies, because the creative people at Louboutin created an app, where you upload a photo of your feet and it then tries to find a matching shoe.
He created The Nude Collection, which is available in five shades, from porcelain to mahogany brown and they are (supposedly) the perfect adition to any gals shoe closet.
You can get your app here (yea, only Apple users).
Louboutin Shades (of your feet)
Louboutin Shades (of your feet)
What do you think? Fun or freaky? :) As I'm not an Apple user, I can't test the app, so try it for me and leave a feedback in the comments. I'm curious. ;)

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