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Love Is a Million Tiny Little Things

Posted on the 15 February 2014 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
Love Is a Million Tiny Little Things

I am touched by love every single moment of my life. Even when I am alone, because my soul smiles when I think of all the wonderful people I know and when I think of all the stuff I am up to that make me happy.

So when someone asked me “what is love”,  the answer was easy. I did not have to look far.

Love is self loveTo love oneself is the start of a lifelong romance

Love is …my Mom

…sitting awake at night when I had to work late
…saving all the blue clothes clips and the soft ones for Vidur’s clothes
…going without a meal so I could get enough
…calling me on the phone and placing the phone near the speaker of the radio so I can listen to my favorite song
…packing three times the food for lunch so my colleagues can enjoy it
…holding my hand and praying, soothing me through my sixteen hour labor pain
…whose kick-ass attitude was an example to us all, when after a particular surgery, she was back in the kitchen insisting on doing something …even though she had tubes draining liquid from her side
…being generous and forgiving to a fault, because she believed in focusing on the good

vidya sury love is

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides

Love is …my family

…Clearly, the source of my daily dose of love
…Sury staying awake, pacing the floor when I work late so he can switch the light off
…Being told I am attractive even when I step out of the kitchen, with a soiled towel around my neck, sweaty after doing the dishes and raise my arms to get the fan’s breeze. Not a pretty sight. Still, proves beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
…Sury tucking me in bed and tickling my feet even if he’s sleepy
…Affectionate and supportive because I am upset about being diagnosed with diabetes
…Joining me in my diabetes diet just to buddy up
…Vidur accompanying me on a 50-minute brisk walk every day
…Vidur asking me what I did while he was away at school, and expecting a detailed answer, omitting no detail, however slight
…Supporting me and taking care of me when I have work deadlines
…Smiling at each other every time we see each other throughout the day when we are all at home
…Eating together, singing together, praying together
…Laughing over burnt toast

vidya sury love is

Love is …my friend

…Calling me out of the blue because she sensed I felt low
…Calling and talking to Vidur to plan a surprise for me
…Waiting for me in the rain, because she promised
…Never forgetting a single occasion in my life

Love is …

…Being hugged for no reason
…Having girlfriends who care
…A special smile
…A kind look, a gentle touch
…Rejoicing in others’ success
…Giving without expecting
…Focusing on the positive

vidya sury love is

Love is …my community

Of blogger friends who’ve become real life friends

Love is…

YOU -Thank you for being here!

Love doesn’t excuse our faults: it makes them insignificant

And no matter what the question is, remember love is the answer!

vidya sury love is

Here’s an action list for you to do today…and every day

  • hug yourself today
  • Hug your family
  • Say I love you to each one in your family
  • Call at least one friend a day and talk for a couple of minutes
  • Share a joke with someone at least once a day
  • Laugh a lot – it heals
  • Remember, today IS the day and tomorrow is another day

As you can see, Love is a Million Tiny Little Thingstolerance, compassion, empathy and kindness

I am linking this post with the Write Tribe Language of Love prompt /contest

vidya sury love is

May I invite you to complete this:

“Love is…”

Please share in the comments!

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Namaste! I am glad you are here. May your day be filled with smiles!
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