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Love is a Verb

Posted on the 09 January 2013 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
It is 9:30pm as I sit down to write today. Work was busy as could be today! I usually write my blogs on my lunch break, and today I went over to my moms house for lunch. Which left me no time to write! My mom has been in Mexico the past few weeks, and I have been stuck in freezing cold Utah! We hang out a few times a week, so we had a lot of catching up to do in an hour! 
We never have "light" conversation. My mom and I are opposite, but SO MUCH ALIKE at the same time. Our conversations flow well, and always have a lot of meaning. I really value our talks. I will admit that we started to get along much better after my teenage hormones calmed down and I was out of the house ;)Love is a Verb
My mom told me something today that she learned on her vacation, and I knew that I NEEDED to write in down. She learned that love was a verb. It really hit me, because Jared and I are at a point where we are working hard to strengthen our marriage. Love is a verb. Love is a lot of work. I am in love with my husband. That doesn't mean that we don't bother each other, or need to work on things about ourselves. I love in Taylor Swift's song when she says "Life makes love look hard". How true is that? Life is hard, and when you add life to love it IS HARD! Love is a VerbThis is a funny photo to share, because the truth is love can be hard. Jared and I were really having an argument in this photo. My adorable little brother snapped the photo. Love is hard!
How many of you watch the bachelor (new season just started - yeah!)..? Well how easy is it for all these bachelor and bachelorette couples to fall in love when they are on this little island, being toted around on elephants, with $500 meals to eat each day? It's easy. Then you add work, friends, temptations, sports, pets, family, bills, debt, and the list goes on and love becomes hard.Love is a Verb
I am going to remember every day that love is a verb. Jared doesn't just love me, he chooses to work at loving me more. As I do him. It is an action.
The reason it meant so much to me hearing this from my mom, and why is stuck in my head is because I admire her and my dad's marriage. They are an incredible couple, and I want to hang around them more and more often because I read that your marriage will be like those marriages around you. I would be over the moon happy to be married for 24 years, and make out in front of my kids. I love how much my dad loves my mom. How handsome she thinks he is. Love is a Verb
What do you think? Is love a verb? Do you have to work at love?

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