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Love Like TV: Case #1 - Scandal's Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald "Fitz" Grant

Posted on the 27 April 2013 by Sameuniqueness
 Source of Image: TV Guide 
Love Like TV,  or Love Like Movies, is when this site will explore relationships in the entertainment world and talk about why and how it would work (or not work) in real life. First relationship we will discuss is the oh-so-popular love affair of Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant. 
Why you would want a relationship like theirs? Passion, passion, hot sex, and more passion. These two behave like they cannot breathe without the other. Fitz literally could not sleep and would not eat when Olivia was not around to the point where his wife Mellie arranged for her husband to meet up with his mistress just so he can finally get enough sleep to go back to running the country. Their love/lust for one another is all-consuming. To know that you are cared for and desired that much is not only flattering, it's addictive. 
Why you would not want their relationship in real life? For starters, their relationship is an extramarital affair making it immoral and grounds for divorce. Olivia can never be seen in public with Fitz as her man; and Fitz can never publicly declare Olivia as his woman without losing his marriage, his family, his friends, and his position as President of the United States-- at least he can't while he is still in office. Lastly, for as much passion there is in their relationship, there are just as many tears. Olivia stay crying about how Fitz hurt her or left her feeling alone. Fitz resorted to drinking because he felt betrayed by her. The relationship is really not mentally or emotionally healthy considering how often the love rollercoaster between these two is constantly going up and down. Who needs all that drama in their lives?
So is this a relationship to model yours after?Overall, no. Never come between a husband and wife as the other person. Spouses should try to get what they need at home, or at least let the ink dry from their divorce papers, before seeking it else where. Love should not be difficult, painful, or devastating as Olivia Pope put it. Love should compliment you, enhance you; not make you want to stop sleeping and eating. That's not love, that's an addiction-- and it's not healthy.
However, when Olivia and Fitz have sex-- it's great sex. Therefore, if your relationship is missing the passion, take some notes about what Olivia and Fitz do:
  1. They are spontaneous about when they have sex. It's never usually planned... it just happens.
  2. They flirt with one another. Olivia and Fitz are great with staring at one another from across the room and letting their eyes do the dirty talking for one another. Hot!
  3. They switch it up. One time it was on a desk, one time it was against a wall, one time it was in a control room... But changing it up from time to time will definitely keep things interesting. 
But other than their sex, this is really not a relationship with standing power. Sorry to all the Olitz fans out there. 

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