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Love Vs Freedom What Would You Choose – Poetry #freedom

Posted on the 19 August 2016 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Love vs Freedom

what would you choose?

If you land in a situation

where you can get

true love

but not freedom of expression.

love vs freedomPhoto credit: torbakhopper via Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Firstly, what is the difference

between love and true love?


if you love someone,

why would you snatch

his or her freedom?

Under such circumstances,

Will there be any question

of a fight between

love vs freedom?

While you love someone,

do you do it at the cost

of your


As a matter of fact,

will you barter love

with freedom?

Although you can

because you are free

but that will be a trading


and not love.

In fact, logically

it does make a sense

that someone loves you

but doesn’t sanction you

freedom of expression.

As a matter of fact,

It can’t be love


the two can’t


Moreover, probably

in that case

it will always be

love vs freedom.

Above all,

in this case love

is not


There is always

a fundamental difference


human and animal.

While an animal

needs care and

fears death.

You love or don’t love

doesn’t matter.

And there is no question of

love vs freedom.

On the other hand,

A human

needs love and

fears the loss of freedom.

But it can happen only

when it is anything but love.

Here also it is

love vs freedom.

love vs freedomPhoto credit: marsmet492 via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Love vs freedom

If I really love birds

I will never put them in

a cage.

The moment I decide

to put them in a cage

and keep them at home

at the cost of their freedom

and my madness

which I may term as love

for them,

I actually

nullify the sanctity of love.

Otherwise, it is quite


if I love my country

and my country is

not independent,

then only love and

freedom of expression

will not be able to


Rather I would keep

loving my country.

Despite I don’t have

freedom of expression.

Only then fight between

love vs freedom


But in case of

love between you and

me, this question of

love vs freedom cannot arise.

Because if I love you, I will

always respect you

and your freedom.

Similarly, if you love me,

you will always

do the same.

Additionally, there will never be

any point of shame

in our life,


Above all, there will never be

love vs freedom.

Finally, let us understand few things.

let us understand few things.

Firstly, love and true love

are no different.

Secondly, love will

never hinder.

Thirdly, love will

always vouch for freedom.

In fact, love never means


Although it is doing more for


Because when you are

in love,

your counterpart

is no different than you.

Rather, you two become


Like a mirror image

of each other.

As a matter of fact,

you breathe

so that your mirror image

keeps living.

While you live, it is

for him or her.

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