Lunchtime De-stress

Posted on the 07 February 2013 by Khourianya @khourianya
I love my job, but part of working in a technology-based career is that I often get pulled into less fun tasks like testing.  Oy - testing.  Anyway - my whole entire morning was spent dragging my website through the ringer to iron out kinks before our next technology release...and by lunch, I was in DIRE need of a run to push that off of my shoulders.
So, I laced up and headed out.  Took the Haysboro loop to the north of my office and really worked on pushing myself.   Unfortunately, I spent several lost minutes at stoplights near the start and end of the run...but I still hammered out a good moving pace.  heck - given my recent paces - I hammered out a decent OVERALL pace!
I think this should count as speed training!
Boy did my calves ever appreciate the stretch at the end.
Lunchtime De-stress
You can't tell in this picture, but my forehead was absolutely dripping sweat into my eyes from about 2k onward.   I've never had that happen before yesterday's cardio with the Super Secret Jillian Michaels Society so I hope I haven't let something loose there.  I will never forgive JM if that is the case!
Lunchtime De-stress
I've also started running my lunch runs with Nike+ on my iPhone instead of hauling my garmin in every day.  There are 2 reasons for that:
1) Waiting for satellite to pick up would seriously cut into my run time (Nike picks up as soon as my iphone realizes it's outside)
2) I hated having to wait to sync it to Daily Mile until I got home since I usually use the last minutes of my lunch break to blog about it.
Plus, Nike likes to boost my self esteem by giving me little badges when I do new tings.  It's like a participation ribbon just for getting off my ass.
Lunchtime De-stress
I don't think I could ever go to just Nike+ for tracking, though.  I really like having my pace on my wrist AND I've tried on hubby's Nike GPS watch and it is HUGE with no way to make it small enough for my child-sized wrists.
So here's the details, people.  Nike Geekery just doesn't sound quite as cool as Garmin Geekery...

Lunchtime De-stress

Not sure why my actual route didn't capture in the screenshot

Lunchtime De-stress
Lunchtime De-stress
And when I was done..I had run almost a km farther than almost the same amount of time...take  THAT work stress!  Now I can get onto the part of my job I love the best.

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