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Mac Studio Fix Foundation

Posted on the 19 September 2012 by Littlemissliza @littlemissliza
Mac Studio Fix FoundationWell.....I have decided I have a love hate relationship with foundation. I did some research and lots of women who seem to suffer the same kind of skin issues as me recommended Mac Studio Fix foundation. So I decided to invest my money in this product. I had to travel to Sheffield for this product as my local town, Doncaster does not sell it.
So on Sunday, off i went excited about buying the foundation that promised to march my skin tone and cover up my depressing acne problem. When I went to the Mac counter it was very busy. This must be a good sign I thought! I thought that it must be good if so busy. I was served by a very pretty young lady (who had perfect skin and coverage, even though a little orange) and I told her the problems I was having and so she recommended this product. She also recommended the concealer product. She tested the product on my skin. I said to her that I had a cool undertone to my skin. Anyone with eyes can see this is true as I am very pale (and mostly look like death). the shop 'lighting' which is always poor..she applied the foundation and it seemed a good match. So I got my debit card and paid for my products!..I was so excited to go home and wash all my previous (non-matching) foundation and apply my new products. I was devastated by the results!!!!! I looked in the mirror and I looked like I was wearing a pale orange mask! I didn't understand..I told her I had cool skin/blue undertones...what has she given me. I looked at the product said NW15...hmmmm... so I went online and as it is NW15 is the WARM tone NOT the cold. That's why I looked like a fool! So after spending over £20 on this one product (never mind the matching color concealer I also bought) I am no better off. I am so disappointed and frustrated. I now feel like the woman who served me really wasn't listening to me at all. So now I intend to drive to Sheffield AGAIN to ask for an exchange and ask for the NC15...which is the COLD tone. I had better get an exchange because if I do not, I will not be a happy Mac customer..well I am not happy with them already, but perhaps they can redeem themselves! Very disappointed! Will Mac sort this out?...........

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