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Macbeth.... and the Rain Did Pour!

Posted on the 02 August 2012 by Littlemissliza @littlemissliza
Well, the performance of Macbeth in an open air theater was a great experience and I would definitely recommend going to see performances in the open space. No matter what the production is! The performance was set on Brandon Hill/ Cabot Tower in Bristol City. And what a perforce spot it was! I really enjoyed how the natural light of the outdoors contributed to the atmosphere of the play. Obviously, the atmosphere needed for  play varies but this was perfect for Macbeth. At one point, when the weird sisters are foretelling the fate of Macbeth, the heavens opened and the rain poured down onto he audience. It was amazing! Yes, I got very wet; but it felt personal to the character of Macbeth. He was also saturated from the rain and it felt like a slight metaphor for how he was feeling. Towards the end of the production the natural light had turn to darkness, the 6 theater lights were just enough to light the characters on stage (while still contributing to the atmosphere required for the performance. I seriously do not know how they did not electrocute the performers because of the rain). The lighting was like a mirror image to the mental darkness experienced by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. When it became evident that Lady macbeth was losing her mind, for example her famous speech "out dammed spot...who would have thought the old man would have so much blood in him", bats actually started to fly around the audience. It was an eerie and yet perfect accompaniment to the action taking place. The castle almost became alive with eerie creatures, while the inhabitants became destroyed by their actions within the very walls of the castle.
Anyway, I shall look forward to my next open aired performance, whatever that will be. I felt the experience was amazing and would recommend anyone to go...take your favorite packet of crisps to chow down on....don't forget your high viz mac... and go and enjoy!!

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