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Mahabharata ~ Changing Perspectives

Posted on the 05 June 2021 by Kaushikgov @kaushikgov

I took a lane to nostalgia and was browsing through my old blog posts and landed upon this post on Mahabharata and Perspectives. It's quite amusing to find that the perspective as mentioned earlier has changed, indeed (developed, rather!) into another form. Given the path that I had to travel over the years after the post, it's no wonder that perspectives change.

Reblogging! And new post in draft. To be posted at the earliest!

Mahabharata is one of my all time favourite 'experience'. I term it an experience because, quite often when I get to read/hear/watch retellings of the great epic, a thought process occurs, which gives rise to new perspectives, new vistas, new ideas, which are experiences that need to be savoured deeply! I had grown up listening to Mahabharata [...]

Mahabharata ~ Changing Perspectives

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