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Posted on the 23 June 2013 by Missliabilities
Lately I've noticed that I have a small amount of influence on family and friends. I can start using random phrases, words, or accents and THEY start to use them too. This isn't an entirely new realization for me, I was always creative when I was younger replacing lyrics of popular songs or having these elaborate stories I made up that people still remember.
It is funny though that people who aren't my family have started adjusting to my silliness. One of my friends who works for a power plant has to be on potential crisis control a couple of weekends a month. I started referring to it as "babysitting" because back in high school I would have to miss out on weekend fun when I had a babysitting gigs.
Now I text him and his girlfriend and ask if he has to babysit a certain night. They have started to use that word too, so funny!
Another funny instance is when I went to Texas to see my mom and was shaking my head as she went over each of my siblings who owed her money. "You know what mom? I'm the only kid not on the financial family teat!" and she found that hilarious. Last night she texted me that my youngest brother is now on the teat since they bought him a car. Ai yi yi!
The person I have the most influence on by far is Mori. He uses the same words as me, the same pitch and accent I put on when talking to the cat, he even sings the cat my silly songs to tell her how pretty she is (we are crazy cat people folks). I'd like to say he has influenced me in a similar way but besides adding "You're so full of shit your eyes are brown" to my constant phrases, I have resisted picking up his Pennsylvanian hick sayings so far. There is no way I'm giving up my 'y'all' to conform with the 'yinz' around here!!

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