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Making Use Of Your Phone As Your Main Family Camera

Posted on the 13 September 2021 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
Making Use Of Your Phone As Your Main Family Camera

It’s no secret that most families like to take photos of themselves as a way to keep memories alive for years to come. Day-to-day life can be easily chronicled, giving you the chance to capture moments throughout your kid’s upbringing, while also enjoying the chance to look back on times you have enjoyed with your partner. Of course, though, this isn’t something that should dominate everything you do.

Modern smartphones make it easier than ever before to take photos of your loved ones without having to worry about sinking loads of time into them. Getting the best out of something like this takes a little bit of practice, though. To help you out with this, this article will be exploring some of the different areas you need to consider when you’re tackling smartphone family photography for the first time.

Photography Fundamentals

While photography is a relatively new activity when it comes to human history, there has been enough time for people to practice and master this form of art. Learning the basics of photography can be a good place to start with something like this, with loads of videos on websites like YouTube covering topics like composition, camera settings, and post-processing. It doesn’t take long to learn a skill like this, with many people getting to grips with it within a few days once they know what to focus on.

Your Camera App

Just about every smartphone on the market has a camera on the back of it. These cameras range in quality, with some of the best being equivalent to the cameras professionals use. It will be hard to get the most out of your camera without learning about the app that powers it, though. You can explore the app by yourself, but you can also use videos and other guides to help you through the process. Mastering techniques like long exposure photography will only be possible if you take the time to learn about the camera you’re using.

Getting Creative

Being creative is an important part of photography, especially when you are trying to minimize the impact that it has on you and those around you. Learning to take good photos quickly can be hard, and you will need to adapt and use methods that you have tried to get the best results. You can teach yourself this sort of skill, working hard to take photos as quickly as possible while still taking the time to factor in the skills you’ve picked up while learning about photography. 

Tools & Hardware

Taking photos with just your phone will be easy in most cases, but there may be times when you want additional hardware to help you out. A small tripod is a great addition to your kid, giving you the ability to take photos without having to hold your phone. Alongside this, you could also consider the idea of getting a set of clip-on lenses for your smartphones. While they won’t perform as well as proper camera lenses, options like this can improve the results you get from your camera and increase your ability to zoom.

Additional Software

While your smartphone will already come with a camera app, it’s worth keeping in mind that you can download additional software to help with your photography. Some phones can benefit from having their camera app replaced entirely. This is thanks to the post-processing that photographs go through when they are taken by apps, but this can also mean that an extra camera app could gurt your performance. This is something that you can test for yourself with ease.

Alongside the camera itself, you can also think about editing software to ensure that your photos look their best. Adobe Lightroom can be used for free on most smartphones, and this is a great place to start when you want to make your images shine.

Backing Up Photos

It’s never been more important to take the time to backup your photographs. Family photos can be very important, and you need to make sure that they don’t get lost. Cloud services like iCloud can provide the perfect way to handle this, with your images being backed up automatically when they are taken. Alongside this, though, you should also think about making physical backups of your most beloved photos.

As you can see, making family photos as easy as possible with your smartphone doesn’t take too much work. It’s always worth taking the time to go through this, giving yourself the chance to keep your photos safe for years to come, all without letting them take over your life.

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