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M&S Baby Newborn Essentials Haul

Posted on the 23 February 2015 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
There are so many essential items to buy for a new baby, things like.. nappies, wipes, muslin squares, all the nursery decor including cot mattresses, new curtains, bedding.. the list quite literally goes on and on! 

I personally find it so much fun preparing for a new arrival and I love getting to that stage in pregnancy when the shopping-fun can begin. Last week I decided I'd hit that stage and I excitedly rushed to the shops to do some of my favorite sort of shopping - baby shopping! One of my favorite places to shop for new baby essentials has to be M&S. They've got some amazing things in their M&S Baby range at the moment and it's hard not to want to get everything.  Here are some of the baby things I picked up for baby #2 last week: 

M&S Baby Newborn Essentials HaulStar print onesie | Striped onesie
I've always been a huge fan of the more neutral baby items for boys. I've always liked dressing Ethan in greys, navy blues and whites. And so ever since finding out baby #2 is going to be a boy too, I've been keeping my eyes out looking for some new things to get for him. He'll be mostly living in Ethans old clothes, but I still can't help buying a few new things, simply because I find buying and preparing for a newborn so utterly exciting!
I adore both of these onesie's above- they feature my favorite sorts of prints and the quality of both is as you would expect from somewhere like M&S - brilliant. I've got them in up to 3 months I believe, but that's because I want them to last and after Ethan was such a big baby at birth, it's put me off of buying anything in newborn/new baby size. 
M&S Baby Newborn Essentials HaulGrey and white striped blanket
How sweet is this blanket? Again I love the colours and the quality of it. I will most likely use this as a pram blanket. It's just adorable isn't it?
M&S Baby Newborn Essentials HaulI couldn't resist this lovely little comforter. Sadly I can't seem to find a link to it via their website (I got it in store) sorry, but I'm sure there are others just like it. Apart from how sweet it looks, it is really, really soft, perfect for a new baby!
M&S Baby Newborn Essentials Haul M&S Baby Newborn Essentials HaulStriped reverse jacket
This little jacket is again, adorable and I love that it's reversible too - sort of like having two jackets in one! I love the colours and again how utterly soft it is. I'd actually forgotten how small and sweet new baby clothes are.
M&S Baby Newborn Essentials HaulBear hooded towelAh - I can't wait to bath my new baby and then wrap him up in this towel afterwards. We do have small baby towels like this from when Ethan was born, but nothing as soft as this one is. 
M&S Baby Newborn Essentials HaulStriped cardigan | Cotton checked shirt
I can't help but feel a little emotional when looking at these and picturing my baby wearing them. The cardigan will be perfect for the month that he's due to be born - June, as it will work as a lighter alternative to his jacket. The shirt bodysuit is one that I couldn't resist either - I really do love smart clothes on babies and toddlers!
M&S Baby Newborn Essentials HaulZebra grabber
I wanted to get this as I wanted something just the right size for baby to grab as he starts to grow after his first few weeks of life and I thought that this was not only super sweet but also the perfect size for tiny baby hands and fingers to grab at.
M&S Baby Newborn Essentials HaulI'm so pleased with everything I got from M&S for baby #2. I also picked up their latest M&S Baby catalog at the checkout last week and I've already seen a ton of additional things I'd like to get for him! It's so easy to buy for a new baby isn't it?! 
M&S Baby Newborn Essentials Haul 

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