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Material Mondays - Stitch and Paint Part 3

Posted on the 17 July 2023 by Realityarts @realityarts

Welcome back, It's time for another edition of Material Mondays, where we delve into the world of slow stitching and painting on fabric. If you've been following along, you know that this is the third week I've been working on this project. It's been a delightful journey of progress, and I can't wait to share the latest updates with you!
As always, this project is all about taking our time and enjoying the artistic process. Instead of rushing, we've been adding small bits here and there, allowing the piece to evolve organically. It's a great way to stay in touch with our creative flow and not feel pressured to finish everything in one go.

Material Mondays - Stitch and Paint Part 3

In this installment, I'm excited to focus on adding some additional stitching and beading. I will share the following:

1. Defining the Shirt: I'll start by adding more stitching around the neck to emphasize the shirt's bead details.

2. Moving on to the head and body area adding more stitching

3. Bird and Beads: Our figure has her arm around a bird, and I'm eager to enhance it with possible beadwork in and will look at what colors I have.
4. Detail on arm: To distinguish her arm from the body, I'll focus on adding intricate details between the existing stitches.

Throughout this project, I've discovered that it's essential to let go of the notion that everything must be finished in one sitting. Embracing the artistic process means allowing the piece to breathe and grow. It's been a learning journey to give myself the freedom to step away and return with fresh inspiration.

Material Mondays - Stitch and Paint Part 3

Adding extra beading on the collar

I have found when working on the fabric pieces, that rather than having a pre-drawn plan, I prefer letting the piece guide me. It's like an unfolding story where every stitch and bead adds a new chapter. This spontaneity allows for unexpected surprises and takes us on a journey of discovery.
We are approaching the finishing line with a few additional touches and completing this piece is my focus for the upcoming week, and I'm eager to see it all come together.
Remember as you go forward in your creative walk that art is about embracing the journey and enjoying the process. Don't rush; savor every stitch, bead, and brushstroke. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting, the creative path has something extraordinary to offer each one of us.
I hope you've been inspired to dive into your own artistic projects. Until next time, when we return to reveal the final masterpiece, happy creating!

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Material Mondays - Stitch and Paint Part 3

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