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Posted on the 02 May 2022 by Lisaloo2 @lisa_teamtracy

Welcome to May!

A new month. A new opportunity to get better. To do better.

I’ve been considering having the bone spur on my foot removed. The pain seems to be constant now. Especially first thing in the morning. The drawback is that I have way too much going on this year to be off my feet for several weeks. I have a concert to go to with my life long bestie. I will NOT pass on that. Especially since I already bought the tickets and she bough her plane ticket lol. Armageddon would have to happen for me to miss this visit. Then there’s the next plane trip so see my family. My cousin almost died last year and lost part of his leg. Not going to miss that trip either. Once again…back to the armageddon thing. So…Maybe after the first of the year I will make an appointment with my podiatrist.

May!This is what I’m dealing with. *not my x-ray*

Have a fabulous Monday


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