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Me and Mine March 2016

Posted on the 31 March 2016 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
Me and Mine March 2016Me and Mine March 2016
It was so cold taking these photos, or it wasn't but I felt cold at least, but that was because and little did I know at the time but I had a virus. The same virus that's struck a few people down this month apparently. We'd gone out for a walk as I wanted some air, I'd been having headaches for a few days and I thought maybe they were due to being cooped up in the house. But apparently it wasn't that, luckily being unwell only lasted a couple of days, even if it did break my long run of having not thrown up for more years than I can even remember. But it's fine - I survived.
Me and Mine March 2016
I don't even need to say that March has been a fast month, I seem to say the same thing month after month because the reality is is that they're all flying by. I simply can't understand how it's April tomorrow, especially so because April means one thing to me and that is that it's my little boys birthday - his third birthday! HOW do I have a three year old? Three sounds so much more grown up than two!
Me and Mine March 2016
Our loft conversion started this month, I feel like we've been saving and talking about it for a while and now that it's all happening, it's a little bit like 'Woah!'. The builders come and go each day, it's noisy but it's not too bad as they're up in the loft and on the roof where we don't really see them and so aren't really that affected by things, other than the banging of course. It's the banging that's a little scary though to be honest, having your home re-shaped and things torn out and put in feels like a big thing. A big, grown-up adult sort of thing, I just hope it all goes as it should and that we're as pleased as we hope we'll be with the finished work. 
This month was also Easter - we had a lovely Easter, it was really fun and family focused, which for me is the perfect way to spend any holiday or time off. I've written a post about it, but I've been more time-poor than usual lately and haven't yet had time to add photos to it, so I haven't yet hit publish. It's 'on the list' as I always say. 
I hope that March has been kind to you all and that you had a lovely Easter break with your family. Please do link up any pictures you have from this month of you with your family with us. If you don't have a blog you can link up using the hashtag #meandmineproject (@meandmineproject) Lucy - Dear BeautifulKatie - Mummy Daddy MeFritha - Tigerlilly QuinnJenny - Lets Talk Mommy and Lucy - Capture By LucyMe and Mine March 2016on Instagram if you're on there or via our Facebook page. And don't forget to check out the other co-hosts
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