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Meat Sheets and Girl Fun…

Posted on the 17 September 2017 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

Yesterday was one of those days…you know the kind, when you have had a hella week at work, and you are in need of a huge reboot?

And then, like magic…all of a sudden, there are your girls. Girls you haven’t seen for way too long. Girls that even though they don’t know it, motivate you to be a better you. Girls that you knew right from the first second you met, were going to hang around and be part of your life and make you grateful that you are a girl, and that sisters from another mother are really a thing.

My friends Lindsey and Kimberly are power sisters. They are not scared of adventure. Doing crazy spur of the moment road trips and showing up in a town they have never been to before to change a girls life, even in just a little get the hell out of your regular routine in your own amazing town kinda way.

Apparently I get stuck in a zone. A safe zone…where I forget to try new things. Where I take off my big picture glasses and just see my everyday life and not the big beauty and awesome stuff around me. My girls reminded me of all the stuff around me that I am not doing. All the adventure I am missing out on.

I mean who knew that this was going to happen?

Meat Sheets and Girl Fun…

Photo courtesy of the lovely Kimberly on your left…

You know that kayak moment when you have the munchies and the absolute best beef jerky on the planet in your possession. And yes…it is a sheet of meat. Meat sheets. Ha!

And The Butcher deserves a shout out here, if you live in Gibsons…go there… The Butcher on FB

The best meat in town… You knew I had to.

Being a tourist in your hometown gives you fresh perspective. It opens your half closed eyes to things that you may have overlooked because it’s just always been there. Having friends like these two beauties gives you fresh and fun new view of what you have in your lap. Every. single. day.

They remind me to step to the edge once and a while and remember what it feels like to be alive. To be in nature and get that refueling that we all need, life can be hard kids…

“Live your best life.” – the lovely Kimberly


Get out of that comfort zone.


Eat sheets of delicious meat.



Be loud.

Eat good food, and the Ice Cream.

Have fun.

And don’t you dare color in the lines…

Happy Sunday everyone. xoxo

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