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Memorial Weekend

Posted on the 28 May 2022 by Lisaloo2 @lisa_teamtracy

In honor of Memorial Day

None of these men died in combat (I’ve been criticized in the past for posting about them on Memorial Weekend) but I post about them because I am proud of the men in my family who served. I am proud of all who have served in our armed forces. ALL branches (I’ve been told I hate a particular branch, I don’t)

My grandpa. WW2 era. US Navy

Memorial WeekendMemorial Weekend

My dad. US Navy. Vietnam vet who served on the MSO439

Not pictured

My stepdad. US Army. Korea military conflict veteran.

My uncle. US Navy. Vietnam vet who was poisoned by Agent Orange.

My godfather. US Navy Vietnam.

I am abundantly proud of all these men and all men and women who volunteered to serve and protect our country.

Memorial Day isn’t about campouts and BBQs, It’s about honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice and never came home.

Memorial Weekend

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