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Mister Greygun

Posted on the 04 August 2016 by Ravenswingthog @ravenswingthog
I got some mail today - well technically I didn't, it's actually for Mike Greygun, whoever he is.
Mister Greygun
It's an awesome surname though. "Greygun" - makes you think of a mercenary for hire, he doesn't care if he's fighting for a cause or for chaos, as long as there's enough coin to be had, Greygun will be on the scene. Or maybe he's a gnarled old cop, ready to dish out justice on the mean streets.
Speaking of creating characters, did you ever take part in Fighting Fantasy, or other Choose Your Own Adventure books?  Or maybe you're a D&D or RPG player (maybe even the worldwide phenomenon known as World of Warcraft, which started me off blogging many years ago!)
The YouTube Adventure is for you.  Head over to my first video where I'm outlining the plan - a character put together by the YouTube community will explore the land of Kinban, starting in the village of Thorn, and traveling north to reach the Citadel of Rett.  In the Citadel you must tackle the evil King Zir, who is tormenting the land.  You'll get to decide at each stage of the adventure how your character is going to act.  Go watch the video now, and make sure you get a comment in quick, the next video will be mid-week next week!

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