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Monday 17.12.2012

Posted on the 13 October 2018 by Therealme

Explosive day.

Andrea wasn't in the bus.

In the hall I said "Hello" to Muhammed. He called me to accompany him outside to smoke. Steven and I shook hands.

I erased the board in lecture room 3. Tara asked where my friend, referring to Muriel, was. Sandry asked who erased the board.

After the practices, Muhammed and I went to the copy shop for him to copy my L.A. notebook.

Back to Campus 2 Vanessa asked me what have I finished, and Peter noticed that I'm a left-hander. Then Thomas asked me if I did "that" on my arm because of a girl. [...] Mike commented that I loved a professor from high school and made a quiz about her. I was asked:
-Is that true?
-It's true. - I confirmed.
How did he know? He said his cousin told him, but didn't say who he was. I considered he might had found out from Nelson I or Andrea. Who could it be?

I heard Muriel saying "Nick" to Steven, sitting behind me. I turned around and told her I heard her talking about me, she claimed she had a friend called Nick - pretending it was about him. A lie!

At F.E.S. for our last B.P. practices Muhammed sat in the third row, I took the second one. Trevor was next to me. A twin and Tim were amazed by my communication.

Towards the end the assistant asked me if I had a question about the colloquium. I wanted to know if there would be questions on circling where the answer could be none of the suggested options, she said it could have.

Trevor asked me to copy my B.P. notebook, I gave it to him. After he returned it, he said "I'll repay". I know it's not Christian to ask something in return, but a word is a word.

I figured out it must have been Andrea who gossiped me to Mike about the quiz as I saw them together with Alison in front of lecture room 12 last Friday. I was right to distance from her.

Monday 17.12.2012

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