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Monday 26.12.2012

Posted on the 06 February 2017 by Therealme

After my walk, I went to C.2. There, the colleague's voices were already audible in the hall. As I was climbing on the stairs I spotted Ergin near the fence. I didn't look at him, I wanted to greet him when I arrive, but he went away. Let it be. Dave said this time he arrived first racing me out. Mike sitting on the merged chairs next to Gulben and Andrea repeated my "OK". Dave went at Reis and co. → Scratch, scratch...

Monday 26.12.2012Andrea who hurt her finger playing darts asked me if I'd ever played darts.
-I have.
-Where? - She asked me.
-On Sport.
-Hey that on the board. That's not real.
-Not on the board, the other way.
-Well in sixth grade...

Come on, it's not wroth. If she doesn't remember it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Well Anthony the Cat brought dartboard and arrows for which the teacher Leslie said they last a whole century! I don't care what Andrea thinks. Apparently there was real professional darts in Zlox for 20 denars per game. Andrea asked Mike what's Alison's name. Then the three of them discussed their smartphones.

Obviously somebody's brain leaks as the the age increases, that's why the modern devices are here - to ease the grief. I know how certain political party people come to second-hand materials, and the way resembles crime... Where is God to you?

Mike looked at me and blinked quickly twice. Why are people afraid of me?

Muhammed invited me to go with him outside to smoke, I accepted as I was alone. Ergin kept avoiding me despite the chat with Muhammed, but cursed, and Reis's friend made his third verbal contact with me (yes, I'm counting) shouting to ask if we would have L.A..
-A who should I ask!?
Otherwise you don't hang out with me, and when you have need, you communicate, a? What do I look like to you?

I didn't even look aside to take a pause. He did take:
-The secretary.
-A is that at the counter?
Like I don't know Gwen, but come on. They are yet to see me.
-It doesn't matter. Go.
But unlike those that don't talk to me at all, it did matter to me.

Muhammed told me that the main exit is blocked, but the decisive me went at the counter and asked if the she's the secretary. I admit, it wasn't logical to me Gwen to know this in the isolated office. The employee sent me at Gwen's, I even asked her where she is. I sent Muhammed out as he insisted to ask later and went at Gwen's. She told me we would have and the girl there told me some Sally told her the professor was coming.

Outside, in front of 2 Preevytip peers of mine I found out that Muhammed (who was now with a Turkish colleague) came on Saturday ("What did you do?" - "Normally, professor sits...").

In the hall, we bumped into Reis. After he talked to Muhammed and greeted with the other Turk, he looked at me. A question followed if I had asked and what time we would have from. After all, he has a little trust in me anyway. He notified his friend.

[The continuation is based on notes.]

I returned to my old position in third floor hall. The it girl called me, I sat next to her as she wanted us to make a conversation. She asked me if I was fine, I asked her too. Muhammed dragged himself and talked with the it girl being obsessed with himself - his roommates went to Turkey, so he's living alone now. When my turn came, I asked her if she was on Saturday, she was and told me they were 50-60 people.
-You should have told me to sign you.
-OK, a Sarah where is your Marcus?
-Why where is my Marcus? - She was surprised.
-Because you hang out together all the time.
-Marcus went downstairs with Naomi.

After they opened the lecture room 10's door, we entered inside. Standard sitting: Gulben sat in the third row, I was behind her and Muhammed came next to me.

Muhammed told me he felt me like brother.
-Me too. - I said. -The others don't hang me out a lot. I mean they do, but not that much.
Via Gulben translate he told me I had a special place in his heart.

I asked Gulben three times about the Saturday as we were interrupted by Muhammed.
-Don't annoy.
-OK, cause in the group you've published that you signed some. I wanna know if I'm in them. - I defended myself.
-We signed only those with easier signatures.
-Aaa allegedly mine is hard.
Gulben asked for my name and to my remark that she didn't remember it, she responded "it's not one". After I told it to her, she said "We'll call you Nicky". I asked her about Reis's friend's name, she told me it was Fred.

Reis asked a colleague if he knew what "3-way" was. It reminded me of his Facebook comment to Bobby: "3 way bro" regarding a sexy girl. Reis also asked what's the only way to shut up a girl (kiss).

The it girl reacted to Reis's behavior:
-Wow if I say what I remembered.

Andrea moved i.e. switched place with me in order to be closer to the window.

The Kumanovo guy wanted to pair me with Naomi. Despite the comment that she had a boyfriend (revealed by Andrea), he suggested us to fulfill the desire for one night. Of course, I refused. He had the same idea about Andrea, but I refused saying we were from the same village meaning we knew each other, although the Kumanovo guy encouraged it just because of it. When he mentioned Gulben, I told him she was from another religion.

I asked Gulben if the dean would reduce my points if I'm not signed for a lecture, she said:
-Well if you don't sign he'll certainly reduce your points.
After seeing Andrea's signature, Gulben told her it was hard. So...

Zlox news from Andrea: A young man I didn't know died.

She stood up to switch the position.

I asked Dave where Thomas was, he replied "Do you need him?".

After L.A., on the road Dave and I were walking together. We joined Muhammed and Gulben. I was in line with Muhammed, Dave was with Gulben. Muhammed talked with the twins while I was on his second plan.

Mustafa told he had a car in Turkey. After they entered in F.E.S., he grabbed my hand and:
-You to eat.
I told him I wasn't hungry, but he was persistent to accompany him to eat. I accepted, I went with him.

Theory: Muhammed is just using me to get with the other colleagues paying me to be his plus one... Almost always he chose others when there were. He wanted to take me out previously with Sarah. And if he thinks he could use me having a good heart - I'm not being behind.

I rushed Muhammed while he was eating his burek as I was worried we'd be late. This time my group was having B.P. with the first one.

He didn't have a 5 denars coin that the employee requested to pay. I offered to give him, he refused and waited for the employee to find.

The B.P. practices had already started when we entered. Dave was next to me, playing a game.

The students from Preevytip and Zlox left at 13:23, half an hour earlier.

Nelson I and Andrea went to boutiques to look jackets while Nelson II and I waited outside. They were not afraid from God for leaving the practices earlier. I continued with Andrea as we separated from the Nelsons.

Andie S. was absent. I asked Andrea for the reason, she responded:
-Where should I know from? Why're you asking me?

Andrea informed me that she would travel in December for sure. She asked me if the Turks stank to me, I negated.

Finally Andrea and I time. Can't say I missed it.

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