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Monday Writing Tip: Consult with Julius!

Posted on the 11 July 2016 by Juliusthompson @JTAuthor

Plausible complex characters are crucial to successful storytelling. This involves the protagonist, the antagonist and a carnival of minor characters.

All of your characters should respond to their experiences by changing or by working hard to avoid changing. While they work to seek to carry out their agendas, run into conflicts, fail or succeed, and confront new problems, they will not stay the same. Create dynamic characters that change, not necessarily static characters that stay the same

If you want to create a successful novel, create a realistic group of characters that move your plot along.

Writing Tip: How do you get to know your characters? Create a character for your protagonist, antagonist and a few of your minor characters. Use a character resume as if a character was applying for a job in your novel. This way you can get to know the nuances of your crucial characters.

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