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Monday Writing Tips: Consult with Julius!

Posted on the 04 July 2016 by Juliusthompson @JTAuthor
Monday Writing Tips: Consult with Julius!

Novels are driven by incredible Scene Construction. How a writer handles scenes will make the difference between a manuscript that sells, and one that ends up in a slush pile. The concept of a scene in fiction comes from theater, wherein it describes the action that takes place in a single setting.

Writing Tip: When you flesh out a scene, you must either create a "Show Scene" or a "Tell Scene" to advance your story line. This will affect your pacing. Be aware that you can speed up the action with tell scenes and slow it down with show scenes. Your goal is to show the characters experiencing the action. Your reader must have sensory feelings, for example feel, touch, taste, etc., and be in the scene with the characters. Your readers will experience what the characters are feeling. This will put your readers in the "Fictive Dream" created in your book.

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