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Movie Review : Annihilation ( 2018 )

Posted on the 24 February 2018 by Lucky @imlosingitorg

Movie review : Annihilation ( 2018 )

Movie review : Annihilation ( 2018 )

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The primary conflict in this unique and somewhat confusing science fiction story is woman versus the supernatural.   Natalie Portman stars as Lena, who had served in the U.S. Army for seven years prior to graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in cellular biology.   Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as Doctor Ventress, a psychologist employed by the U.S. government and possible former military officer.   Both characters are recruited alongside three other female operatives, these played by lesser known actresses, effectively forming a 5-woman detachment which is then deployed to a national park within the United States.   Armed with M-4 automatic carbines and thermite hand grenades, they must enter the “Shimmer”, a mysterious area which has been expanding during the previous three years after an object from outer space had impacted ( struck ) the lighthouse within this national park.   Characterized by an odd and colourful glow, the Shimmer affects any and all forms of electromagnetic radiation, including sunlight and radio signals, as well as the genetic composition ( DNA ) of any plant or animal life surrounded by it.   The mission of this 5-woman detachment is to investigate the source of the Shimmer and report back to authorities.   During this mission, they lose all contact with the outside world and encounter a very limited number of hostile alien creatures, these being local animals which have had their DNA altered by this extraterrestrial influence.   Annihilation is definitely a movie worth seeing in the theater because of it’s action, suspense, and special effects.

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