Music, Lyrics and Beatles Nostalgia

Posted on the 29 October 2014 by Vidyasury @vidyasury

So you know I enjoy listening to music as I work – one of the perks of working from home. I can’t live without music. In fact, no music, no life.

I have several playlists for various moods and activities – something for work, a different set for housework and another for when I read and so on. But I have an “anytime list” which, when I hear, transports me back in time, every time.

On this list, I confess I have a Beatles overload. There’s a reason for this. They always take me back to those years when I was in college. Of course, the Beatles were very popular – who hasn’t heard them? But we took our Beatlemania to new levels. We performed their songs on stage. The adrenalin rush from that was something else. Even now, when I listen to one of their songs from our repertoire my mind goes to its happy place. Oh, the Beatles White Album from iOldies will have you thinking about the good old days in a second.

Music has such a wonderful way of serving as a mnemonic for memories tucked away in the corners of our mind.

In fact, to quote neuroscientist Robert Zatorre “Music has privileged access to memory.” It certainly has a hotline to mine!

In case you are wondering what it is about music that triggers such an emotional response, there is research to prove that the pleasure people experience in music is related to emotions induced by the music, and people often report that they listen to music to change or enhance their emotions.

Yeah, yeah, so do I! Every Beatles song is linked to a memory.

One that makes me all teary-eyed and smile at the same time is “love me do” by the Beatles. It takes me back to the days when we’d have such fun practicing with the band. I wonder if the others think of that time, too? I remember one of the lead singers had a fabulously deep voice and was a whiz with guitar riffs too! On Tuesdays we would perform after the assembly session in the morning and our allotted 20 minutes would extend to at least 45 – with the crowd yelling for more – and we’d end up singing at least 6 songs. Those were the days!

My own Beatlemania is legendary. I have at least four Beatles T-shirts and have sketched John Lennon on one for a friend. Why, I even had a Beatles cushion cover! Now I am thrilled I have a close friend who shares my love for this legendary group and we have a photo together with a Beatles poster.

All I need is a strain of the music to reach my ears and I am off, cruising down nostalgia road.

I love the effect some good old music can have on your mood! And I feel blessed to have so many memories!

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato

Do you have a song you enjoy cozying up to?

Which one is that? I’d love to know in the comments!

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