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Posted on the 29 May 2021 by Kaushikgov @kaushikgov

Alone he sat, galloping in the vast realm residing within his head

Breathing in the cold air, that reached his heart within

Counting every beat it made, trying to grasp the wilderness of the realm

Dreaded it seemed, or was it really so?

Eyes saw many things, but did it see what were meant to be seen?

Flashed the thoughts, as sailing was he, trying to sight the shore.

Good things, and the people around and also the not ones

Having made an impact, strong and hard over him,

Inundated by the several thoughts, wishes and un-explainables

Justifying the events happened to him, and happened by him

Kinetic energy kicked from the soles to the last strand over him.

Lasting scars that remind him of his sins and un-sins

Memories that ought to be remembered and those to be erased,

Now made sense, sailing through, in the inverse speed of light.

Open was his mind, but not in the past and the past of that past

Present, indeed, was a gift bought from tbe past and the future maybe,

Quenching the thirst for knowledge, and more and more.

Rattled by the gush of thoughts that frothed like the ocean’s waves

Sat he, watching the dark, illuminated by the moon.

There were several dots scattered around, flickering and some not

Under which he blinked, watching the twinkles

Various and countable not, they were

Which reminded of the full stops, that were meant to be made.

X ray vision was the need, though the wishes were unfulfilled indeed.

Yearning for the grasp, that were to fill in the void

Zealous as ever, wandering like never,

Alone he sat…

MusingsMidnight musings!

God Bless

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