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Posted on the 06 May 2017 by Ravenswingthog @ravenswingthog
My activities
I've been somewhat quiet recently, mainly due to my wife being halfway across the world and as a result me having a sudden need to do things like household chores and cooking.  Generally things have gone okay, although I have noticed that I've had a tendency to carry out some rather silly actions.  I've summarised them as follows:
Wednesday 26th April - left hob on for several hours, only realising when I went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and feeling heat from the hob/oven area.
Thursday 27th April - left my keys in the outside of the door for about six hours, only discovering their location when I was locking up for the night.
Friday 28th - stabbed myself in the hand.
Saturday 29th - stabbed myself in the hand again (different knife though).
Sunday 30th - kneed my son in the face (accidentally)
Monday 1st - got hit in the face by my son, cutting my lip.
Tuesday 2nd - managed to open my car door on the back of my foot, knocking my shoe off.
Wednesday 3rd - burnt my hand on a hot pan, and later that day broke the door frame to the attic door, shoulder barging it open while forgetting that it was bolted shut.
So far since Wednesday I've managed not to do anything stupid, but watch this space...
What I have also been doing however is making a video for my wife's flosstube channel, including my first bit of cross stitch!  Feel free to check it out :)

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