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My Blessed Life #GratitudeCircle

Posted on the 29 May 2020 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
My blessed life #GratitudeCircle

Another lock down month has gone by. I am enjoying my weirdly normal blessed life. I have nothing to complain about. Unless one counts the not being able to go out as usual. But since we understand the need to be safe, that is perfectly fine now. In fact, I am thinking that even when the lock down is lifted, it is not going to be completely safe any time soon and I am quite happy with having to stay home to stay safe. We can never fully flatten the curve to the extent that we can squash the virus out of existence, can we?

The month that went past was pretty much like the previous one. Except I would say it was better than the first two months of lock down.

My blessed life #GratitudeCircle My blessed life #GratitudeCircle

A glimpse into my blessed life

Things have been more freely available and there's less panic. We are happily settling down to a reality where the vegetable carts come by our place and the security guys alert us so we can go shop, while maintaining social distancing, wearing masks.

One freaky thing that happened was-my mistake-I had forgotten to order my medication in time. I usually do it a week before I need it and this time, I did it two days before. I was a bit nervous because I cannot skip a single dose (diabetes). Fortunately, they delivered a day earlier. I was so grateful I almost cried in relief. Stupid of me, really, you know. Lesson learned.

I am especially grateful for our comfortable home, such as it is. We've become a bit lazy about the dusting, but not so much that we're guilty . . . yet. Household chores are anyway fun since everyone participates and takes responsibility. We have childish contests to see who's first. Seriously, right? Grateful for that.

My blessed life #GratitudeCircle My blessed life #GratitudeCircle

Groceries have been easier to come by. And I am glad I can cook healthy meals. There's always a special pleasure eating homemade food and trying out new recipes. And when the family enjoys it together, even better. Oh, blessed life! I am also grateful my family is safe at home. I shudder to think what would have happened if the announcement that classes are suspended had not come the night before he was due to leave. Ugh!

Everyone has been busy doing their work from home thing, tackling all the usual things except digitally. Son has online classes. And big achievement, he has submitted his MS thesis and also completed the viva. All that remains is to finish the final exams, which will be in July, after which he'll graduate.

We are cherishing this time we have with him at home. As I mentioned earlier, we'll miss him when he leaves again for his PhD. Sigh. For now, we are treasuring our time together, walking on the terrace every evening, having long conversations, playing indoor games and generally making memories. Enjoying binge-watching shows, listening to music . . .

My blessed life #GratitudeCircle My blessed life #GratitudeCircle

Last weekend we spent a memorable and hilarious morning making masks at home. Is it only me or are the printed homemade masks we see online looking like uni-boob bras? Sorry-no offense meant and I hope none taken. We made six masks with a couple of t shirts and I think they're good. I prefer to wrap a silk scarf around my face as I find that easier to breathe with. Alternately, I wrap my dupatta (long scarf) around my face and head and that's super comfortable. I am thinking may as well get comfy with this since we have to wear them long into the future.

My blessed life #GratitudeCircle My blessed life #GratitudeCircle

But even a blessed life must have hassles

Yep, we've had crazy rains wreaking havoc across the city. Scary thunderstorms and lightning alongside hot days. What can I say? Glad we're home.

A couple of months ago, our flush tank developed repairs. Overflow issues. Couldn't call the plumber, because, lockdown. Some of my long-time readers might remember that I take care of minor plumbing issues at home . . . but this time proved challenging. On top of that, the flush tank came off the wall. I managed to hammer it back in but the system needed to be replaced.

Since nothing was going to happen for at least two months we resorted to filling it manually whenever we used it. Other times, we kept the main valve closed because a wet bathroom is ugh. Funny how we adjust to everything, no? Anyway, this week, we managed to replace the whole thing, only to discover there was a pipe leaking in the balcony. Since that's a repair for the building maintenance to fix we'll have to wait. Grateful that it will be, though.

On the health front, I had my routine blood tests done. The results are not great, but well, they are better than last time. I need better blood sugar control. My doc has prescribed additional meds with some crazy side effects and I am not happy about that but what to do? I have promised myself that I'll have better results in there months. I've ordered my BFFs to cheer me on.

My blessed life #GratitudeCircle My blessed life #GratitudeCircle

The day I went to see my doc I was shocked to see people in our area going about things as usual-most people were not wearing masks and I felt sad about that. No social distancing. I think people assume they are immune just because they've followed the rules for a few weeks. What to do? Grateful that we are not stupid.

And oh, the earpiece of my spectacles broke. Freaked me out because I wear them constantly. I picked them up to wear them after I woke up one fine morning three weeks ago, and was shocked when the earpiece just broke.

After panicking for a little bit, I calmed down, tried to wear it without one earpiece. Made the coffee sat down to drink it. Then, fortified, I taped the earpiece back to the glasses temporarily before going to the optician. Long story short, I now have new glasses. Still adjusting to them because the power has changed. Grateful I have them . . . and will be more grateful when I am comfy with them.

Work continues to be non-existent and I am really hoping things will improve soon. It is tough and I feel terrible that I won't be able to meet my donation goals this year. Sigh. That sucks. But this too shall pass.

I hope the world heals soon. As if the pandemic wasn't bad enough, cyclone Amphan hit West Bengal, wrecking the area, with massive damage to crops and rendering thousands homeless. Relief work is on, but you know how that goes slower than one can wish for.

That's it from me for now.

My blessed life #GratitudeCircle My blessed life #GratitudeCircle

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My blessed life #GratitudeCircle My blessed life #GratitudeCircle

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