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My Bucket List

Posted on the 07 August 2012 by Littlemissliza @littlemissliza
I have decided that I am going to create for myself a Bucket List. Now, I am hoping that I will have plenty of time to tick each one off my list before I pop off ha. I would never have thought to do this until recently I noticed that sometimes life can be a little dull...just because some of us go through our daily lives as predictable as ever. For those people that do not suffer from this and have exciting lives then I am chuffed for you and perhaps you could give me some tips ;-))
Anyway, I think that this list will not only spice up my life but hopefully develop my interests. Life is for living and the longer I go on, not living it fully is a waste of life so I am asking for others to help add to my bucket list. I will list some things that i have already thought of and I am sure you will have an opinion about some of them..perhaps? You might think they are boring or awesome who knows but I suppose because this is my bucket list, thats all good. You might then ask "why do you want others to make suggestions?" This is because I may have not thought of some awesome things to put down. You might have some outstanding ideas that I could do. I am really excited about this list. It makes me feel a bit excited about life again. I am going to put a holt to the brain numbing repetition and stress that comes with it, and live a little. So when people say "what have you been up to?" I can respond with something that I m excited about and proud of!
So to begin the list... these are some ideas I have so far
1. Go to a shooting range and fire an actual gun (safety first of course)
2. Write my own play (I have already begun writing this)
3. Have my play published
4. Write my own song with my guitar
5. Have one of my photographs published either on an official website or magazine or anything really
6. Stop smoking FOR EVER!
7. Go to New York
8. Have an original white tattoo
9. Stay at the Ritz, London
10. ...........
So please message me others that you think that would be fun and interesting..anything at all (just makes sure it is legal!)
I look forward to adding more to my list and more importantly DOING the things that are on my list ;-)
Love life

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