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My Favourite Rainy Day Pastime

Posted on the 05 November 2012 by Accordingtoamber @sgwennu
Musicals Now, now! Don't look at me like that. Not all musical's are bad, and old fashioned and boring. They certainly can be an acquired taste, but once you approach one with an open mind, I'm sure you'll love them! 

Some people find them totally unrealistic and somewhat annoying, what with all these people breaking into song every five minutes, and for that reason I don't like all musicals, (you wont find High School Musical here!) I do think that they can be perfect for an evening in, and if you haven't tried to watch any before, this winter is the perfect time to start!
Gigi is one of my all time favourites. Set in Paris, which is a winner in itself, Gigi is a cheeky young girl who, under her Grandmother and Great Aunt's guidance blossoms into a beautiful woman. It's amusing, entertaining and before long you'll find yourself dying to know if she succeeds in getting what she really wants. 
The Phantom of the Opera Now surely we've all heard of this one! I think this might be the best musical of all time and certainly makes me cry at every viewing. It's impossibly decadent and if you needed any further persuasion than the trailer above, did you notice that the Phantom is Gerard Butler. Three, two, one and drool.
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers This is certainly the first ever musical I remember watching.  I loved the music, the dancing, and it reminded me strongly of The Little House on the Prairie books, did anyone else read those? The trailer though is rubbish tbh, and doesn't do this film justice. 
Rent This is probably the most modern musical that I'm fond of, and even then I have love-hate moments with it. Not all the characters are my cup of tea but it has some really heart rendering songs, and some great moment which makes Rent one of those must-see films, whether you're a fan of musicals or not. 

Are you into musicals? Or do you loathe them with a passion?

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